Show With Big Books

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Booster Cushion Theatre specialise in theatre shows with Big Books. We are currently touring 8 shows throughout the UK each with their own Big Book and lots of participation from the audience. We always try to engage children as much as possible, interacting with the narrator and playing main characters in the story with our silly props. One of our most popular shows is Big Book Tall Tales.

Big Book Theatre Show

Big Book Tall Tales is a tale ideal for encouraging children to take a greater interest in books as that is what it is all about! Featuring a 6ft tall book with lots of colour, that the narrator even wears during the story, this story takes us on a journey around the water cycle to.

A janitor arrives in a forgotten library and tells us about his love of books and asks the audience about their favourite stories. While cleaning, he discovers a massive book which seems to have been left there. He opens the book but is surprised to see that there are no words on the pages..they’ve all been washed away. With the audience he tries to think of a story but accidentally falls in transforming into Book Man! Book Man takes them on a journey throughout the water cycle to find out just what happened to the missing words in the story.

Show with Big Books

A show with Big Books is ideal for encouraging children to take a greater interest in creating their own stories, Book Weeks and festivals or even just a way to make children go wow at something they’ll have never seen before. All of our books are special and unique with special features from being able to turn from a book into a bridge and tea party, to having 2.5m pop ups and outs and books where the props come out!

Booster Cushion Theatre

We also have 7 other touring shows throughout the UK each with their own special Big Books. If you would like more information on a Booster Cushion Theatre show with Big Books, please contact us on 01727 873 874 or email

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