Book Week Show

Book Week Show

Booster Cushion Theatre’s work is specifically created to encourage children to take moreBook Weeks interest in books. Hence all of our productions use a Big Book in one form or another. Some of our Big Books stand nearly 6 foot tall, some are telescopic to 3m tall and others are concertina to a width of 5m. All of these productions are ideal as a Book Week show for schools. Many schools use our productions as a focus for their Book/Storytelling Weeks, then they develop their own retold fairytales based on our story and also with design and technology, build their own versions of our Big Books – using paper, cardboard or just computer D & T skills.


Hence, a Book Week can involve design & technology and scientific creation as well as artistic endeavor. Please have a look at the pictures of the Big Goldilocks book and you can see how elaborate these storybooks can be. Equally so, Alan In Wonderland, how the book is suspended upon suitcases and has morphed its shape into a bridge. Other Book developments, Hansel and Gretal is a box panel book that stands tall like a trunk of a tree and grass bank, rotating to turn into a cottage and opens out to become a witches kitchen – complete with oven. The Old McDonald concertina book flips open to reveal various fields that you would find on Old McDonalds farm and then reverses to reveal the barn, and finally the pop ups create the houses for the Three Pigs.



Storytelling Weeks

Book Weeks

The stories within all of Booster Cushion’s shows are classical traditional stories that have been reinterpreted for many years. By presenting the performances to the school, or young children, they will feel immediately involved with the story – the enthusiasm inspired by the story often encourages their own enthusiastic retelling of the performance. We often receive beautiful renditions of our stories in picture form and short written explorations of what might happen next if various characters had been allowed to progress.

In addition, many teachers take the principles for the story and mix in other tales and nursery rhymes so that the children are encouraged to make unique pieces of work. These stories can then be told to each other in class and shared.





If you would like to book a Big Book for your Book Week show, contact us on 01727 873 874.