Outdoor Theatre/Festivals


Booster Cushion Theatre has worked for a variety of festivals throughout the UK. One of our favourites being the Dundee Food and Flower Festival, where we present a performance within a marquee. We are accustomed to setting up our performances for festivals in strange spaces with a variety of restrictions and particular requirements for packing away, assembly and storage. Due to the devised and improvised nature of our performances, we are able to incorporate and work with a variety of constraints and opportunities that festivals and each space may offer. Booster Cushion’s performances often use large books, so we have to be wary of working in windy and exposed areas. This can easily be resolved by locating our performance with a solid background or against a tree or sturdy fence. Several productions can fold away very quickly so that we are able to pack them away if the weather gets too unpleasant, but equally able to take them out quickly when the weather is better.


Hence, we presented 200 productions with Royal Parks Lollibop Festivaland never had a day
when we didn’t do a performance, even on very rainy days we were able to find locations and people willing to sit and watch a performance – including a performance to a family of 4 in a bandstand on one of the wettest days in recent history! Some of the BCT performances are very portable such as Red Riding Hood and can be wheeled to most locations on a sack trolley and presented in a variety of spaces, big or small, from 10 to 200 people without the need for electronic amplification. Hence, while working for Guildford Festivals, we were able to turn up on one of the wettest days they had seen, carry all the props as vehicles couldn’t make it through the mud, presenting our performances on schedule.


“Philip Sherman and Booster Cushion have developed an extraordinary fan base throughout the eight Royal Parks over the past 10 years that he has contributed to our summer children’s entertainment programmes. His wit, energy, originality and professionalism that suffuse his performances ensure that he has a loyal following not just from children but parents also. He is a pleasure to work with, is low maintenance, good natured and flexible. It is with great regret that the Royal Parks are no longer able to afford his services since our arts budgets and related posts have been cut. I can thoroughly recommend him.”

Alistair Raphael – Head of Arts, The Royal Parks, 2011

Booster Cushion Theatre has performed in various festivals including: *Dundee Food and Flower Festival * Guildford Festival * Tottenham Festival * Take Off Festival * Literature Festival * Fife Storytelling Festival * 3 Foot Festival *