Booster Cushion Theatre has presented workshops throughout the country in a variety of primary and special schools as well as working with academies and running summer schools. Most of these activities have ended with a presentation of a short performance.

Booster Cushion Theatre specialise in exploring and retelling of traditional tales and fairytales, with interwoven nursery rhymes. This produces a juxtaposition of characters that children can pull on easily themselves and leads to new creative work based on these shared or known stories i.e. the known characters help to launch them into new avenues and they do not have to worry about every aspect of the story.

Physical Theatre/Mime Workshop

A mime workshop would discover movement and articulation of the body. Workshops can be tailored around themes that you are working with or developed from the production, please contact us to discuss.

A physical theatre workshop can be as active as a PE class and we would expect the participants to be able to work on the floor, with partners, sharing and exploring the space. We usually start with games to make the session fun and exciting and then explore the articulation and range of movement of the body.

Schools Workshop

A schools workshop usually takes place in the afternoon after a morning show. This allows us to explore some of the ideas within the show and for the children to produce their own short pieces. We are mostly working with solo performers and hence you would only have one workshop leader, this is why we would limit the workshop to one class (30 children max) at a time. We also would expect that a teacher or TA would be in assistance as well.

The school will have to consider what it wishes to achieve from the workshop i.e. we could work with one group for a whole day to produce something intricate and elaborate rather than working with 5 groups throughout the day with limited time. We can work to many themes and this would have to be negotiated before the workshop so that your requirements are fufilled. Full day workshops can be made exploring various physical theatre techniques to produce a small piece based on a theme.

Some themes to consider below:

  • Comical retelling of traditional fairytales and nursery rhymes
  • Locations i.e. seaside, polar icecaps, space
  • Journeys
  • Animals
  • History

Please contact us to discuss prices, you can expect a BCT workshop to cost similarly to a BCT performance. We can offer a combination discount for a performance and workshop.

Art & Theatre Workshop

Additionally, we work with a wonderful fine artist called Yana Stajno, to produce a combined art and theatre production. The artworks will make the set and the props and the productions will be linked to a theme and story chosen through consultation.