Hansel, Gretal and You…Who?

Hansel and Gretal have been turned into oven gloves and don’t know what to do! They decide to go on a journey around the world looking for food and some friends. They bump into some woodland animals who just want to play sports all the time, luckily they know the best way out of the forest is with an audience wide relay race. But while taking part, the siblings get trapped by the Witch. Luckily, the Gingerbread Man has a great idea to save them, he’ll just need some help…

This is a fast funny show with lots of opportunities to help. The audience carry out a relay race, learn how to say ‘hello’ in other languages, discover a map of the world and mime some of the sports featured in the London Olympics in 2020.


For Schools
This show is ideal for literacy topics as it focuses on the retelling of traditional tales, geography topics as Hansel and Gretal go on a journey around the world after reading maps and PSHE topics after pupils recommend ways to stay fit with sports and healthy foods.

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