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Little Red Riding Hood and Friends

Booster Cushion Theatre encourages children to open books by bringing them to life before their very eyes. Sensitive and energetic, actor, mime artist, storyteller, signer and facilitator Philip Sherman re-creates all the characters apart from those the children aged four to 11 play at Cressing Primary School. He uses many simple and ingenious props, the

Mary Redman The Stage September 30, 2014

A Christmas Carol

Chidren are left in no doubt that books lend colour to life when they take part in the tall tales sketched out in this latest show from Booster Cushion Theatre Company. Devised and performed by Philip Sherman for five to nine-yeer olds. lt presses home the companies ethos- 'bringing books to life for children' and

Ronnie Haydon Time Out London September 30, 2014

Philip Sherman of Booster Cushion Theatre Company is a master storyteller. The command he has over his young audience extends beyond simply inspiring interest and maximising entertainment, he depends on audience involvement from the start. Beginning with a book with no pages, Sherman turns to his listeners to fill in the blanks. He plays all

Kids Out Marylebone & Paddington Libraries - September 30, 2014

Little Red Riding Hood and Friends

Thanks for coming to entertain all our children with Little Red Riding Hood and Friends. All the children loved joining in with the show and all the surprises. You've been coming to perform for us now for something like 16 years and the shows just keep getting better! So, a whole generation of Park Street

GR Sturgess Headteacher, Park Street Church Of England Primary School and Nursery September 30, 2014

Alan In Wonderland and the Three Goats Plus

East Dunbartonshire Arts Officer Thank you so much for bringing Booster Cushion to our audiences last week during Kidsfest. The feedback has been very positive and I know audiences loved your shows It was educational but fun, imaginative, witty and just like the Alice in Wonderland creation, full of diversity. I thoroughly enjoyed the show.

Kidsfest Meg G S Urquhart September 30, 2014

Philip Sherman and Booster Cushion have developed an extraordinary fan base throughout the eight Royal Parks over the past 10 years that he has contributed to our summer children’s entertainment programmes. His wit, energy, originality and professionalism that suffuse his performances ensure that he has a loyal following not just from children but parents also.

Alistair Raphael, 2011 Head of Arts, The Royal Parks September 30, 2014

Hansel, Gretal and You...Who?

Booster Cushion Theatre Company have been a fantastic addition to our programme at Seven Stories. The shows are fun, imaginative and inclusive for all children and their families. The response from our audiences has been fantastic, and we hope to continue the relationship for many years to come. Philip is a consummate professional and a true

Paul Black Events Officer September 30, 2014