Theatre For Under 5s

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Booster Cushion Theatre specialises in theatre for under 5s featuring lots of colourful props and scenery, silly stories with lots of slapstick and audience participation. Our shows have been presented in early years festivals (Three Foot Festival, Lollibop etc), theatres, libraries as well as in children’s centres and nurseries. They are lots of fun for everyone watching and are accessible first introductions to theatre.

One of our most popular and simplest shows for early years is ‘Old McDonald and the Three Pigs Plus…’ which features a 5m wide book with big pop ups, colourful pictures and fields that come off the pages for children to harvest! There’s lots of participation in this show as children always have lots of fun pretending to be farm animals using our silly props, helping the farmhands harvest the field and stopping the not very scary wolf blow down the Three Pigs houses!

The Three Pigs have got bored of singing EIEIO every day on the farm and decide to move out of the barn on Old McDonald’s farm. On their journey across the barn, they meet loads of farm animals and see all the foods that are being harvested in the fields. But when they start to build their houses, a silly Wolf tries to blow down their houses and they need the audiences help to keep them up!

We have presented our work in a variety of areas from outdoor and indoor festivals, venues, children’s centres and nurseries to under 5s. Our work is friendly and simple with clear outlines so that everyone understands what’s going on and has a very silly time. We enjoy working with all types of ages and have ensured that our work can be adapted to the audience’s that show up on the day.

If you would like some more information on our theatre for under 5s, please contact us on 01727 873 874 or email


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