Fairytale Show for Early Years

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We had a great time performing our fairytale show early years ‘Little Red Riding Hood and Friends’ in libraries earlier this year. Little Red and all her friends visited the children with everyone having lots of fun pretending to be wolf cubs and being ready to dance a conga with Cinderella. A great way to kick off the sunny weather.


Little Red Riding Hood and Friends is a comical mixture of fairytales with lots of things going wrong for the narrator! Little Red’s friend arrives to tell us the story that we’ve all heard before. But as he goes to take out his book, he sees all the pages are missing! So in a panic he decides that he’ll just make up the story on the spot from what he can remember with the help of the audience. Everyone gets to meet Little Red’s family and even get to cut down trees with her dad who’s just fresh back from working cutting down trees in Wonderland! He can’t remember the rest of the story though – and so calls the best person he can think of, Red’s best friend, Cinderella! She arrives dancing a conga with Jack’s Baked Beans Band and suggests that the best way to end the story is to find the wolf. But no one can seem to find the wolf, maybe they might be in the audience…



Booster Cushion Theatre are used to touring throughout the UK to different early years groups from children’s centres to nurseries attached to schools and those in village halls. We aim to make our shows as funny and friendly as possible so that everyone has lots of fun and no one gets frightened. Each show is adapted so that it can fit in a variety of spaces and can target different ages and abilities depending on who shows up on the day!


If you would like some more information on our fairytale show for early years, please contact us on 01727 873 874 or email admin@booster-cushion.co.uk. We also have 7 other touring shows throughout the UK, each have versions especially adapted for early years groups.


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