Traditional Tales Show

Booster Cushion Theatre specialises in creating children’s theatre that brings books to life. We take a lot of our inspiration from traditional tales and twist them on their head, making them full of slapstick, lots of comedy and surprises audiences would never expect. There is always lots of chances for audiences to join in during our shows, whether it be helping Hansel and Gretal escape with the Gingerbread Man, Cinderella showing up in Little Red Riding Hood’s story dancing a conga with Jack’s Baked Beans Band or helping animals escape from Big Goldilocks on an Animal Rescue Centre or ARC.

Booster Cushion Theatre has several shows which are ideal for traditional tales, some of our most popular below:

  • Little Red Riding Hood and  Friends – a comical mixture and twisted version of the fairytale, packed full of fairytale wordplay and even Cinderella and Jack’s Baked Beans Band show up to dance a conga!
  • Big Goldilocks and the Three Bears Plus… – told through a 6ft tall book (and 6ft tall Big Goldilocks), we help the animals escape from the grumpy Big G as well as the 7 Bears scare her away!
  • Hansel, Gretal and You..Who? – a sporting version of the fairytale, Hansel and Gretal have been turned into oven gloves and the Gingerbread Man helps them escape from the Witch!
  • Old McDonald and the Three Pigs Plus… – the well known tale and the nursery rhyme are mixed together, with the pigs deciding to move out of Old McDonald’s farm and on their way, meet lots of new farm friends.

More information, pictures and videos on all 8 of our shows, including these can be found on our website

Booster Cushion Theatre aims to make our theatre as flexible as possible, so shows can be performed inside or out, big or small in a variety of venues. We have played to theatres, schools, libraries, outdoor festivals and once even in an Elephant House in a zoo! We create a theatrical experience, even if the space usually wouldn’t be used for that purpose, as we bring our own big backdrop, colourful lights (if there is power), lots of silly props and of course always a Big Book!

If you would like to find out some more information on a Booster Cushion Theatre’s traditional tales show, please contact us on 01727 873 874 or email

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