Touring School Theatre

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Booster Cushion Theatre has been taking our Big Books to primary schools as a touring school theatre company for over 25 years. We have lots of fun touring and performing to primary schools as our shows are fun, friendly and inspiring to topics learnt about in class. Many schools use a Booster performance as a way to encourage or introduce aspects of the curriculum such as fairytales, keeping healthy or conservation. We have also been used as a special end of term treat for everyone, to celebrate a school occasion or even as an introduction to Book Weeks.

We have performed to schools thousands of times and love to bring theatre to children. Below is a list of all our current touring shows:

-Little Red Riding Hood and Friends
-Big Goldilocks and the Three Bears Plus
-A Christmas Carol
-Old McDonald and the Three Pigs Plus
-Hansel, Gretal and You..Who?
-Big Book Tall Tales
-Alan In Wonderland and the Three Goats
-Book In Danger

On our website, , there is lots more videos, pictures and information on each of the shows.

We are used to working with hard to reach groups and have had many schools comment on our ability to engage those that may not have otherwise whether this be through attention difficulties or being too shy. In all of our shows, we want everyone to have a fun time so make sure that we work hard to get everyone enjoying the show and taking part. There are lots of chances to take part in Booster’s shows with at least 15 children coming up per show, and lots of chances for the whole audience to shout out answers or mime actions as we think this makes everyone a lot more engaged in the story and as if they have a part in telling it themselves!

If you would like more information on touring school theatre company Booster Cushion Theatre, please contact the office on 01727 873 874 or email Our shows are just £285+ vat and only require a small travel fee which is just the cost of diesel from our base in St Albans to your school. We are flexible with performance spaces and dates, usually with a few dates in each of the month. We travel all throughout the UK.

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