Old McDonald Theatre Show

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A flashback to last year with this blog from when we visited The Ark Theatre with our comical Old McDonald theatre show. This show is ideal for early years – with everyone getting to participate as much as possible throughout the story.

Old McDonald and the Three Pigs Plus is a comical show weaving the well known eieio song with the story of the Three Pigs. The pigs get fed up singing ‘eieio’ and move out of the barn to the other side of the farm. Across the farm, they meet lots of silly animal friends and see lots of food growing in the fields! They build their own houses only to be visited by a wolf. Will the audience be able to help the pigs save all their hard work from being blown down?

Old McDonald Booster Cushion Theatre

There’s lots of chances to help and take part, as everyone gets to sing along to the well known nursery rhyme although there is a twist, shout out answers about the farm and its fields as well as scaring away the wolf from the Three Pigs! We get around 15 children up to pretend to be the farm animals which includes lots of props in the friendly form of slippers and toys shaped like animals all the children will recognise.

Old McDonald childrens theatre

This show works ideally for those looking at farm topics, a friendly introduction to theatre shows for young children or just as a special treat for everyone. It’s a great show for families to watch together, so can be used as a family day event or as a special treat. Please bear in mind that this show is flexible and can be played in a variety of spaces, big or small, inside or out.

Old McDonald childrens show

If you would like to book Booster Cushion’s Old McDonald theatre show, then contact us at 01727 873 874 or email admin@booster-cushion.co.uk. We have availability in most months and can be flexible as a solo touring company.

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