Goldilocks and the Three Bears Theatre Show

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Booster Cushion Theatre tour eight theatre shows throughout the UK, retelling fairytales with comical twists and turns. One of our fastest and funniest is Big Goldilocks and the Three Bears, with a 6ft tall book and it’s 2.5m pop ups! Ideal for primary aged children as it inspires and encourages them to take a greater interest in reading and books. With fun and puns for both children and adults, it is a chaotic and energetic show for the whole family to enjoy!

Big Goldilocks Theatre Show

Featuring a BIG 6ft tall with 2.5m pop ups, the audience are amazed by the Big Book which turns the pages for each part of the story – we get to see Big Goldilock’s house, an Animal Rescue Centre, massive Cornflake packets and the 3 bears house! Big Goldilocks wanders off into the forest, grumpy, hungry and tired. She meets loads of woodland animals on her way and to avoid her grumpiness they plan to escape away into the sky using the Animal Rescue Centre. But the Bears want their house back and the audience works together to scare Goldilocks away!

Big Goldilocks and the Three Bears Theatre Show

This features lots of participation from the audience as they get to come up and pretend to be the woodland animals disguised with our colourful costume props, help to save the animals by singing the animals went in Two by Two and helping the Three Bears to protect their house from grumpy Goldilocks! Everyone has lots of fun in a Booster Cushion Theatre performance so we always make sure our shows are funny, friendly and interactive.

Booster Cushion Theatre

If you would like to book our Big Goldilocks and the Three Bears theatre show, please contact us at 01727 873 874 or email Please contact us to discuss your ideas, as we can be flexible on price, multiple bookings and usually can help in the case of late availability dates. We travel throughout the whole of the UK, so distance is not a problem!

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